Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wisdom & Knowledge

 Today I came upon this passage in a little book by Alexandra Stoddard entitled Things Good Mothers Know. You see, I bought the book to give as a gift to my sister-in-law for her birthday and found myself reading it during our hour long drive to celebrate with the family (it was wrapped in a gift bag so it was easily slipped out and then returned to it's wrappings, shhhh!). Stoddard's books speak to me in a quiet, inspirational tone and I always enjoy the messages of love, endurance and the true treasures of life. I also appreciate her use of tried and true quotations from the old masters, wisdom passed down and appreciated through the ages. I highly recommend these little gems; they make sweet gifts because they are pretty, they contain beautiful thoughts and can be read quickly and often. 

I snapped this shot just before we arrived at the birthday house.  We had stopped in a Starbucks drive-through (we have those in California! Everywhere!) and I took my chance to get the shot while the car was standing still. What a precious reminder to embrace simplicity in our lives (does this include multi-tasking in the Starbuck's drive-through?).  What a precious reminder to learn, grow and improve every day (maybe I should cut my coffee habit down. . . ). What a fine line between these two principles. 

Now go, dear reader, and clear out all of your clutter and replace it with truth and wisdom!!! 

If only it was that easy. Oh well, at least it is a pretty book. 

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