Monday, March 22, 2010


This is a very busy week at my house. Along with my sister, I am hosting a baby shower here on Saturday for my youngest sister, Karen.  Many preparations are being made around here, lots of decorations and such filling up my bare spaces. The "Big Clean" commenced today so my poor husband came home to displaced furniture and rugs, but a huge meal because I was famished from all that physical labor! My Meg played so sweetly outdoors and in her playroom while I busied myself around her, but she asked to watch The Sound of Music while I made dinner. The music was alluring, so instead of setting the diner table, I set the coffee table for our meal, to my daughter's astonishment and delight! 

This movie moves me every time! I had a lump in my throat as the Vonn Trapp family sang their farewell to Austria, knowing full well that they were minutes away from abandoning their home and life and country! 
This is just a picture I snapped of the television screen, but I was near tears and decided it must be blogged! Especially because of the trials we are facing this very day as Americans.

Our country is facing one of the biggest political changes in her short history. 
You may be pleased with this change. You may not. The change itself is going to be painful, since we don't all agree. As a parent I worry and wonder about my child's future, I worry about her very health!

But tonight at about this point in the movie, I thought about Austria and Russia and Iraq and all the places and times in history in which I am thankful to not be existing. 

It's still America and I still thank God that I have the profound privilege to live in such a country. Yes, we may have corruption and uncertainty, but we still have the fact that it's America, and there isn't another country on earth where I would want to raise my child.

Thank you, Lord that we are not Fraulein Maria and Captain Vonn Trapp, stealing through the night with the lives of our precious children hanging by a thread. 

And thank you Lord, for such an moving and delightful movie. 

P.S. I'm beginning classes at a new photography school tomorrow and I'm super excited! 


  1. Thought provoking and touching...I enjoyed!

  2. These are just the kinds of things I say to my husband when he's certain his world is going to you know where in a handbasket. Things could be so much worse were we not, by accident of birth alone, so fortunate to live in this country where we sometimes agree with the politics and we sometimes don't and we get to argue about it on a beautiful spring day then turn off the tv and have grilled chicken sandwiches for dinner on the patio.

  3. Oh... and I meant to say have fun at school!

  4. Sound of Music is one of my all time faves, and the thought it provokes in me are all quite similar! Congrats on the classes in Photography...a bit jealous!