Friday, March 19, 2010

Meet John Murphy

So, I'm watching the Today Show (I am a faithful fan) with my cold cup of coffee (just holding it makes me feel like I deserve a few more minutes of couch time) and I catch a little feature by someone at Daily Candy. She talks about several silly silly things (socks for your chairs?) and then. . . this. These frames by John Murphy are beyond beautiful, and I am in love. I jot down the website and sigh when I see the home page (above), look at the colors in that shot! His photographs are stunning and the frames come in the most beautiful colors. Check out his website, it will make you smile! 
Here is a picture of the frame that made my eyes pop open:


  1. Being that I have two of these black frames, I too love them! Guess we like the same things. Fun post!

  2. These are really charming, Traci. I'll bet with your own photography and a transformed flea market frame, you could put something similar together for yourself. Imagine that pink frame around the tutu'd party girls in your last post.