Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fresh Linens!

Today, my goal was to not leave my house in a motorized vehicle. Perhaps on foot or bicycle, but by no means was I going to get into a car!

This morning, while Meg played dress-up and Fraulein Maria, I did some ironing.  I don't typically iron these, our everyday napkins, but they were just sitting there and I wanted to stay near  Meg's room to listen to her singing Sound of Music songs. The everyday napkins usually get washed, dried and quickly returned into circulation. I'm not sure these have ever been ironed as a matter of fact, but once they were, they looked and felt so fresh and lovely! I'm not usually one to enjoy spending my day "homemaking," but today, I felt like I needed to push a reset button somewhere, and seeing this stack of freshly cleaned and ironed napkins feels refreshing.

1 comment:

  1. Napkins that are ironed are the best...they feel different!