Friday, March 12, 2010

The Sweetest Thing

One of the sweetest things in my house are these two pieces which hang in my daughter's room. Her room is blue and really beautiful, and many of the ideas for it came from Lisa, my dear friend whom I miss so much (she lives in NY). She has an amazing eye and darling ideas for children's spaces. Lisa took me to the D&D building in NYC where we spent a day pouring over textiles and wallpapers. I came home with these samples, but decided to paint instead. Lisa suggested framing the wallpaper and hanging some of Meg's vintage artwork in inside the frame, without the glass, like this:

This bird wallpaper is just too beautiful to cover with a picture, so we just let it be a work of art in and of itself. How I would love to do an entire room in this design! 

I just love these. These two pieces speak to me of our home and of our daughter's precious personality since she loves them and loves her room. We have been a family "in transition" for the last year, and still haven't settled down. The house we are in now is rented because we just don't know what is next for us. Last summer when we moved from New York to California, I made sure that my Meg's room was the first thing we accomplished. We painted it and set it up for her so she would feel peaceful and familiar in her new space. Looking back now,  I have to laugh a little because I realize that she was happy to be anywhere as long as she was with us. It was I who felt so much better when her room looked familiar again. In fact I spent hours in her room sorting and reading in those first few weeks.

I think these are so special to me because 1)they are really pretty 2) they were made and dreamed up for Meg's first "big girl" room in our home in New York and 3) they were a labor of love between friends. I miss Lisa when I look around the room. 

I don't remember what company makes either if these wallpapers, but maybe Lisa will comment and remind me! Be sure to read her blog, Hampton Toes.


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  2. Okay, that's what happens when I try to do too many things at once...I had a mistake, hence the deleted post above. Traci, your daughter's room looks amazing...I must see more images! The framed wallpaper is fabulous. The little bird jeweled hooks were from Anthropologie...and, how cute does her dress-up stuff look hanging there! I like the painted bookshelf too. One of the paper's is Brunschwig & Fils (I believe the bird) and the other is Lee Jofa....I will double check. Waiting to see more images!

  3. Lisa, you are so generous! We love the bird hooks and every person who "tours" Meg's room has to be told where they came from :) I just say: Lisa! I will take some pictures in the daylight to show off the new Swap Meet duvet (it was new, don't worry!). Thanks for reminding me about the wallpaper!!