Sunday, March 14, 2010

Eddie. Eddie, Eddie. . .

is Eddie Ross. 

Today I went to an event hosted by Eddie at the Rose Bowl Swap Meet. He is known for his appearance on Bravo Top Design, work with Martha, Martha, Martha, for his chic interiors,  ability to find diamonds among the roughage at the swap meet/garage sale/thrift store/Home Goods, etc. and most recently won the Bloomingdales Big Window Challenge. Phew! I've been following him on his blog and have stolen a few of his great ideas for my own home, and today I joined him at the Rose Bowl (along with 30 or so other admirers) to seek out the goodies. He showed us how to spot a steal, or a treasure, and gave us fresh ideas on how to incorporate these finds into our homes.

Great light!  I tried to go back for this one but couldn't find it! I really loved it. I also really loved the pair of lamps, Eddie. But as soon as you said "Hollywood Regency" that other cute girl bought them right up. I will be faster next time. 

Here is Eddie (above) pointing out a pair of tables that had potential.  I went back and negotiated a deal to split the two and came home with:

Ta-Dum! Now I am committed to yet another furniture refinishing project! I think this will look great as my new bedside table. I love the shelf for books. My current itty-bitty round table is cute, but overflowing with books, mags, lamp and humidifier (I live in CA now--trying to save what's left of my skin), so this one might just do the trick. I am thinking some shade of grey and a mirrored top--just like Eddie said! Just love him. 


That's me with Eddie and Jaithan. 
I also bought some really lovely linen Euro shams and a duvet covet for Meg and a table cloth and napkins. I think I'm on a linen kick--ya think?

This was a really memorable day.  Thanks Eddie and Jaithan!. 


  1. There you are! While I was writing my own post about E&J last night, I could not find your blog! (operator error, I'm sure) I'll go back to my own now and update it.
    It was very nice to meet you yesterday! How funny that two Traci/y's from Upland would be in the same small spot in Pasadena at the exact same time. Love that you got that table, they were both so pretty. Did you find your airplane?
    Love what I've seen here so far. I'll be back when I have more time to take a longer look around. Happy Monday to you!

  2. So great to meet you, too Trac(y)! I found the airplane but it wasn't so great, so I left it for someone else. Thank you so much for mentioning me in your blog, I'm honored! It's really beautiful blog. . .

  3. I am sad I missed this.....
    Maybe we can go next month and YOU can be my delightful tour guide!

  4. Kristin--I can take you there sister, but it just won't be the same! Worth the trip though, so let's go!

  5. What a fun experience and a great guy to be inspired by when it comes to anything related to the home. Love the table you bought...the legs, the shelf and the casters are fabulous. I look forward to seeing what you do with the piece. Great buy!

  6. You were so much fun! Loved meeting you, honey!! Send us pics of the table!

    Eddie + Jaithan