Monday, March 29, 2010

She's a real model!

Not that I've never seen a real model before (My dear friend, Jon, got me into a fashion show at Bryant Park several years ago and I ended up backstage--it's on my list of "Top Ten Days of My Life"), but I've never had the chance to specifically photograph one in this sort of setting--with a studio, lights. . . and an instructor who showed me in 30 seconds how to change the settings on my four-year-old camera to get amazingly better results, geez! And here is what I think is my best shot of the day:
Is this a safe place? Because, dear reader, I will confide that I was terribly nervous during this photo shoot! I cannot believe I got anything useful at all--I was sweaty and felt like I was shaking when shooting her. The focus of the class today was her eye, specifically the one closest to the camera (the left one). Surprised myself when I loaded them onto my computer; there were several that were very sharp and pretty. I like this one and I feel like it's a very good start. This particular shot was actually taken outdoors in natural light, but still using equipment I've never used before. I've been dying to get a chance to try my hand at some new lighting and techniques and am just so tickled by this, my first studio session! What fun!



  1. Sounds like taking photography classes suits you well. Great photo!

  2. What are you talking about....I'm not a real model! Just kidding! Love your model shot and I can't believe how crisp it is.. She will love them!

  3. Looks fantastic, Traci! So glad you're having fun in your class.

  4. Holly, I was thinking of your voice while I pressed the shutter: "It's all about the eyes." Let's try out my new skills on you when I'm in NY in June--headshots!
    Thanks for the encouragement ladies. I have a long way to go, I'm just excited to finally be going in the right direction!