Monday, April 5, 2010

White Lavender

I was showing my sister some of the photos from our San Diego trip tonight. I wanted her to see the lavender. I've always had a love affair with lavender; I've planted it en masse in every home I've ever lived in (and that includes potted on our balcony at our first apartment). I even insisted on a lavender garden at my sister's house in La Quinta (Palm Desert) many years ago which eventually gained me a partner in my passion when she fell in love with it too.  I'm no expert in botany, and don't know the proper names for the varieties available, but I usually tend towards the sort of lavender that is labelled "green lavender" at the nursery. It is the traditional sort, with long, uniform and slim flowers and bright green leaves. I especially love it planted among roses, along with rosemary.

This last weekend, however, I was enchanted by this white-tipped lavender on the grounds of our hotel, L'Aurberge in Del Mar. At first I thought it was the light making it appear white,  since we saw it first in the late afternoon, then in the early morning (there was a Starbucks across the street from our hotel, so yes, early morning!). But finally, the day I took these pictures, it was high noon and there was no mistaking it as true white. It was planted all around the entrance to this, the Spa. . . doesn't it just beckon you to go inside?

Sister likes it too, and we are now both very interested in this white lavender. It really is fascinating and would be so much fun to plant in the garden. I appreciate it when even one's choice in landscape plantings has a back-story and can personalize the home. Hmmm, I feel another post coming on! 

In case you missed that darling in the first shot, that would be. . . well, that's my muse: My Margaret. 

She loves the lavender as well.


  1. What a pretty place. And look at your pretty girl in her little Liberty dress!
    Did you see yourself (and your table) on Eddie's new post? Have you done anything with it yet? Can't wait to see...

  2. Lets go search for white lavendar the second I am better!!!! I want a huge pot of it in the front!!!

  3. Yes! I did see myself on Eddie's post today! I was so giddy and flattered--how fun! I have not yet painted the Eddie table, because the paint we bought spilled all over the wood floor in the kitchen! I'll need to go and buy some more, but now am doubting my color choice, I had bought a dark gray but Eddie said black. . . help! My bed is painted white--What should I do?

    My sister has been so sick with pneumonia all week and last and my time has been dedicated to my little niece and nephew and to her health. I will soon be blogging more regularly--I have so much inspiration to share!

    Kristin, when you are well, we shall go on a white lavender hunt! But for now, please rest and get well. I love you.