Saturday, April 10, 2010

If you're going to drive a Pinto. . .

. . . it had better be an orange Pinto. . . 
. . . or an orangish--uh--pick-up?
. . . or Chevy Van!
The Back-Story: 
. . . We took a little family jaunt today out to the sweet little beach community that is Carlsbad. I'll blog more about that tomorrow. The main point of today's post is this: I saw all of these cute old cars, and more, just on our trip today! How cute are they? We are in the market for my next new car right now and I am heavily leaning towards this little orange Chevy Van! Brian so doesn't agree. I'm no car buff. But these are super cute! Why, oh-why can we not respectably drive orange cars anymore? 

Sighing. . .  I guess I'll drive that darn BMW if you really do make me do it. But only if you make me, husband! Safety is a consideration, I suppose. 

Back Story #2: 
I am going to need a new car in the next year or two. I am driving a 6-year-old Honda Pilot that has been cross-country 2 or 3 times (it's negotiable) and is starting to creak and bellow with age. The subject has recently been tenderly approached with me. You see, I love my car and intend to drive her until she dies, quirks and all. Hubby has grand ideas of my next "family vehicle" which I appreciate--but lo! My car actually has a name and her name is Penny.  Penny the Pilot, to be exact. How do you rightly discard a car named Penny?  I say, give me an orange darling like one of these pictured above. And so this was the subject of our conversation today during the drive, while Meg took a nap in the back seat.

O dear. I hope he doesn't think I'm serious about the orange thing. 


  1. Ha, who know there were so many ORANGE cars on the road? Will have to look out for these myself, cute post!

  2. Well, I think you know I love the color orange, but those cars won't do it for safety features. Fun post!

  3. I have wanted an orange pinto for about 15 years. The one you posted was perfect. I think that I would feel perfectly myself with the babies strapped VERY tightly in the back, windows down, and some amazing music... a dream!