Wednesday, April 21, 2010

For the butterflies. . .

I'm watching my little Meg dance to Nutcracker music (a nightly ritual--it is perpetually Christmas at our house) with one eye on my laptop. 

Did you catch this article in the NY Times arts section this week? A photographer by the name of Guillermo de Zamacona petitioned for 2 years to be allowed to travel into the mountains near Mexico City in order to photograph models in the midst of millions of monarch butterflies who migrate there for the winter. It was apparently quite a trip up the mountain toting equipment and clothing/shoes/make-up artists/etc on horseback! Here are some more images from de Zamacona's website if you'd like to see them. The full series is on display at Milk Gallery in New York City.  Please go there and tell me all about it! 


  1. This is too much...your butterfly post and us having just receiving two butterfly kits in the mail today! We are going to "grow" butterflys. It's a project our darling daughter is jumping up and down over! Once the butterflies develop from the crysalides we are going to set them free in our children's garden. Hmm..I think I'll have to check this exhibit out with my little sidekick. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Tracy I really like your blog. I think your a great writer and hope you continue to write, whatever the topic may be. Thats it.
    Your bro John.

  3. Beautiful photo.
    An episode of the new Discovery series "Life" featured the Monarchs in Mexico. Millions of them, clinging to the trees for the winter before the fly back to Canada (!). The camera crew talked about how difficult it was to get the shots they wanted. Really fascinating.

  4. I missed this in the Times...but I am so glad you brought my attention to it, its very cool and beautiful! I will check it out in depth for sure. Thanks.