Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Penelope by the Sea

My husband frequently has business in San Diego and will stay in a hotel to avoid the drive several days in a row. And occasionally Meg and I will join him, if we have nothing else on our busy schedule. For that reason, we've spent several days this summer lounging at the amazing hotel pool (Grand Hyatt) and exploring the Seaport Village and downtown areas. 
This is Penelope, a public art installation along the Seaport Village boardwalk. Dozens of artistic creations line the boardwalk in this area, but this is the one Meg loves to return to. Part of the appeal is the fact that she can climb inside and look at the world from Penelope's eyes. But she also can't get enough of the story of the mythical goddess (she is a goddess, right?). Luckily, the sculpture features a brief description so I was able to sound really smart ("wow, mommy, you know about everything"), but I have actually been Googling in search of more details about Penelope and Ulysses, in order to answer Meg's questions. I'm struck with the irony that I never studied Greek Mythology, yet I hold a Bachelor's in Literature (how is that?). I'm also inspired by the constant questions about Penelope, and think that perhaps I will buy a book.

 I love this sculpture. Look at the weaving detail and the movement. It's absolutely gorgeous, and inspiring. Mostly, I love that it has actually inspired my four-year-old to want to learn about ancient Greek mythology. And in doing so, has inspired me to research, read and discover a few new things myself. Here is an article about Penelope and Michael Stutz, her creator, if you care to learn more. 

Here is another fun art installation along the boardwalk. 

The boardwalk is a great place to kill a few hours looking at free art in San Diego with kids--bring a little bike or scooter. It's also a great place to run, given that the weather is always balmy and the terrain is completely flat and the ocean is always on your left. Or your right. You know what I mean.

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