Monday, September 13, 2010

The Dog Days are Over

Goodbye to summer. . . I don't know about you, but I just don't feel ready to let go of summer goodness. Our family has enjoyed a summer packed with trips, treats, fun, adventure, cuddling, family and friends. I hope you can say the same. And even though it's still warm (it's Southern California, after all), I'm just feeling a little sad about turning the page this year, a little sappy about sending my Meg back to school and dragging my feet to actually be somewhere besides the swimming pool at any given time on Monday morning. 

Goodbye to summer eating, al fresco, of course:

Goodbye to laying in meadows and blowing dandelions seeds:

Goodbye to summer activities:
Goodbye to summer s'mores (that's my grandmother! She rocks!):

Goodbye to summer friends, near and far, old and new:
Goodbye to vistas

Goodbye to smiling faces:

Goodbye to special places:
Goodbye to the amazing light that inspires me to run back for my camera:

Goodbye to happy people who drive around in happy cars:

Goodbye to this guy, whoever he is. Rock on, friend. 

Goodbye to crisp red white and blue:
Goodbye to young love--I mean--summer tunes. 

Goodbye to this moment, on the beach at sunset:

And goodbye to unforgettable "firsts":
Farewell summer and farewell summer friends. 
Until we meet again. . .


  1. Lovely, lovely images...are all of them yours? I'm especially fond of the three kiddies in the Hamptons...that beach moment will be forever in my mind. Given that summer was perfect from start to finish, I have to say this is the first year in my adult years that I have welcomed Fall. Normally, my feet are still in flip flops and I'm dragging them in to the next season. Missing you right now.

  2. Lisa, these are all my images except the funny car and the funny camera guy with red shirt/green pants. These were taken by my sister, Kristin. I am still wearing flip-flops, btw. And swimming. Expecting 100 degrees here this weekend. Sigh. I have a gorgeous new pair of riding boots that are dying to say hello to the world. . .