Sunday, June 20, 2010

Where you'll find me on a summer evening

Call me prosaic, but a hammock just makes me happy. We don't have the space for a realio-trulio-strung-up-between-two-trees hammock in our yard now, so this week in San Diego (at the hammock store in Seaport Village), I pounced on this baby--a hammock chair! If you need me this summer, this is where I will be:
Now, this is a pretty hammock, it even looks pretty hanging out there by itself right now. For goodness sakes, it's white (I love white things) and it has tassels! I will be taking all of my coffee, meals and phone calls out here for the rest of the summer. 

Reality Check.

I suppose I'll be using my new hammock after dark because I'm currently competing with the "other" hammock lover in the family. Meg and I literally took turns, pre-school-style, for hammock time this evening. 

Here's wishing pleasant summer evenings to you all. Now if you'll excuse me, Meg is asleep and there's a comfy spot out back inviting me out for a glass of wine. 


  1. I have a hammock waiting for you!

  2. Lisa, I was wondering if you had one! I'll make sure it doesn't feel lonely when we visit. . .