Monday, June 28, 2010

Architectural Inspiration in New Jersey!

If I was hiring someone to design a room for me, I would hand him or her this photograph. I love the  quirky color combination, I love the style, I love the detailing. This would inspire a fantastic dining room, in my dream house. This photograph is going to get filed in my "Dream House" photo album. . . 

I happen to be in New York this week with my husband and daughter, visiting our old home and old friends. Yes, I am still in love with New York. Yes, I miss it like crazy. But today as I entered the city for the first time in just over a year, and walked the familiar routes to the familiar and beloved places, it felt just like coming home. That's obvious, how can I put this? . . I wasn't sad to be there (I thought I would be, missing it so as I do). I was filled with the sights and smells and refreshed by the energy which I have missed terribly. But it wasn't painful, as I had expected, it was simply. . . nice. To be home. So this week I will be broadcasting to you from new York. Happily. 

I suppose I should mention that the above photo was taken in New Jersey (where we are staying with friends). Here are a few more inspirations from the Garden State:
Osteria Giotto in Montclair, NJ (21-23 Midland Ave. 973-746-0111). Simply the best Italian food--ever. When we lived in NY, we made sure to eat here at least once a month or so with our friends, Jeff and Holly (who are regulars, to say the least!). I plan to eat a few more meals here before I depart. . . 

(That's a drive-by photo!) Also in Montclair, a little place called Market. Small, cute, organic and fresh! And yummy.  Now, why don't have places such as these in CA? At least where I live in CA?  I am in love with these little sidewalk folding chairs. All the eateries along this little row in Montclair seem to have the same ones but all painted different colors, corresponding to their decor. 

So far we have pretty much just eaten our way through New Jersey and a small portion of Manhattan. . . it's good to be home. Tonight we made it home from the city just in time for a big summer thunderstorm. Now that is something we've really missed! There is nothing like a New York (New Jersey) thunderstorm. 

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