Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Only in New York, part 2

It's not that daisies don't grow in Southern California, it's just that they never grow quite as tall, full, strong and dominating as they do in New York (all right, they do it in other places, too--like in Colorado--but certainly not in my yard back home). Taken at Stone Barn Farms.

I promise, promise, promise I am not lying. This butterfly "played" with Meg for about 5 minutes. It buzzed her head, landed next to her, then landed on her cheek, then next to her again. It flew around her and tickled her and let her touch it--alot. It was the friendliest butterfly in the world and it happened on Central Park South at 5 pm amid throngs of people walking home from work, yet stopping to laugh and smile at the sweet little girl and her "pet" butterfly who truly centered his attention on Meg for several minutes. I have to admit, she was adorable, screaming and laughing and delighted with her little friend. She drew a small crowd and we are still baffled by this friendly little beastie. 

They say it's good luck to have a butterfly land on you.

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  1. Love Stone Barns! How adorable that a butterfly was playing with cute and forever a memory!