Monday, May 17, 2010

A whole Pirate Ship in the backyard!

And this week I took Meg to yet another birthday party--the theme was pirates. I expected alot since I used to work with Jane, the birthday boy's mommy, and I know that she is incredibly talented and creative. She created some really adorable invitations and cooked up some great activities for the kids, including a treasure hunt that Meg loved. She also thought up a pirate name for each child (Meg was "Captain Meg McBones"). But the thing that really put the rest of us parents to shame (all in good spirits) was the actual pirate ship in the back yard. Jane and her husband sketched it out and he built it, apparently just in the weeks before the party.
It is a play structure for the kids, there is a slide off the back, and some more climbing opportunities as well back there. The kids can also go "below deck" to hide out. It was perfect for the party, and every child asked for a pirate ship in their own back yard. 

It's one thing to buy your child a cool playhouse or toy or something. It's quite another thing to design and build it from scratch. There is no money that can buy a play structure for these boys like this one that their parents built for them. What a special, special thing.

Maybe I'll sew Meg a twirly skirt this weekend. Ya, that's just about the same thing, right?


  1. How fun! Lucky birthday boy! Pretty industrious parents too. Their backyard will have every kid in the neighborhood in it for years, don't you think?

  2. Wait a minute! That is so amazing, over the top and every little kids dream...okay, they get the parents of the year award! If they would like to build another one, I'll pay them and give them a nice home to stay in while doing the work! I'm impressed!