Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lovely Littles.

This summer, I'm still loving the long dresses. I'm afraid that the next time this trend swings around, I'll be too old to indulge in it, so I'm indulging it now. The trouble is, I'm on the short side, so this isn't the best length for me, unless I find a style that is cut just right. I do have a few in my closet that work for me, and just came across this one tonight, which I think is simple and beautiful. I'd wear it with some delicate little gold sandals and pretty long gold filagree earrings.
I actually stumbled upon the Matta website by way of this pretty scarf:

Which is too expensive for me now actually, but maybe soon. . . I think it's such a pretty detail. Matta has a number of really amazing lightweight scarves perfect for spring, if you're looking for something scarfy. 

That's it. I'm just up late wanting pretty things. I wish you a beautiful spring wardrobe!

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