Monday, July 11, 2011

Wedding, anyone?

No, I'm not getting married (I just celebrated 14 years married my sweetie, so I'm good, thank you very much!). But I've been photographing more and more weddings lately and searching for photographic inspiration along the way. Of course I stumble on so many gorgeous and stylish weddings in my magazine and internet travels, and at some point my girlie-girl heart melts over the endless possibilities. This morning I found this picture of shoe-clips on Etsy, and suddenly I pictured an entire wedding around them! So to satisfy my vision, I made this little story board:
I just adore the idea of a vintage wedding with little details so pretty and photograph-able! I also believe in simplicity and practicality, so why not invest in flower vases and other details that can be later repurposed in your home? I love the idea of something so casual yet beautiful and used to create such a  special warm touch. When done right, vintage can be, of course, completely modern and I love love love.  Love.

All items found on Etsy (as of this morning), click for shop links: diamond ringshoe clipsPink Depression glass vaseheadswraps and little gift pouchAvett Brothers necklace (I & Love & U)Milk glass planter

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  1. Oh it looks awesome. I really like vintage things so I thought this was especially pretty!!