Sunday, December 12, 2010

Photo Shoot

I'm assisting my brother-in-law (also a photographer) with a wedding in a few weeks, so we went out "shooting" together for a bit of practice. My daughter and sister-in-law were our subjects. We spent a 70-degree-California-December day at a beautiful park in Brea. Here are just a few of our pics. Sorry, MY pics (Ryan's are much better! 

This is Meg inside of a picture frame. We were trying for a something completely different than this. . . but she's five. 

My gorgeous sister-in-law, Rebekah. I love these shots with the chair:

 Here is Ryan shooting Meg. (these were great shots, btw): 
Look at the freckles!! I guess she is mine after all. 

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Home-made Christmas

I thought making presents for everyone would be nice this year. I mean--I can sew, paint, crochet, frame pictures that I've taken, combine talents with friends. . . So why not? 

It's December 11th and I'm exhausted! I'm actually pleased. . . and exhausted. It feels amazing to make something--spend the time and and energy, iron each seam, choose each fabric and trim. . . all the while thinking about the recipient. In this case, mostly children will receive my handiwork, perhaps because I'm sure they won't notice the mistakes. The time and energy has been fulfilling--I feel so full when I make a gift as opposed to buying another Littlest Pet Shop toy at Target. 

Mind, I have purchased several Littlest Pet Shops. In fact, I think I am done with my crafting--I made 14 home-crafted gifts this season and while I am satisfied. . . I am done. 

It's December 11th . . . and I am ready to stop sewing and go shopping. 

Friday, December 10, 2010

Time to think about my hair.

Twice a year I have to think of what to do about my hair. My hair is long, and the advantage on long hair is not cutting it so very often as some of my fellow females. It has come around to "hair time" though, and I have started the bi-yearly search for a suitable photo to bring along to the salon. 

The salon. Sigh. There are three ladies and one gentleman on this planet with whom I will trust to cut my hair. The closest of these lives two hours from my home, in Palm Springs. After that they live in San Francisco, New york and somewhere in Paris, I think, but I lost track of him years ago so really I'm down to three. I've learned my lesson about straying from these four individual's talent, so I remain faithful and I do my homework. 

I'm considering a cut somewhat shorter than what it is now, maybe six inches shorter. This lovely, fresh faced, youthful woman is sporting the length I am thinking about. And now, I am considering that cute gray hat as well, thank you very much.

And this one below, and she has some tendrils cut about her face which usually looks best on me. 

Hair color is also a small issue of thought. I have (embarrassed throat -clearing) grays. Far more than I'd like to admit and enough to not be masked by a few highlight anymore as we've done in the past. So the question is. . . blonde or brunette? I'll take this up with Stevie (my Palm Springs hair goddess).

Mine is this long now, but when I wear it pulled back like that I look like a Quaker. Or something.

This is more like what mine looks like most of the time these days, but I think I need to chop a bit off to allow it become healthy again. It has become heavy and flattens itself to my head. 

Thanks for joining me on my hair musings. Completely self-centered and superficial, right? O well, it happens twice a year and requires a pilgrimage to one of the remote locations mentioned above. So, you see, I need to travel prepared--preparation and a fabulous stylist are my key to six months of no haircuts! 

(These photos are all from the website)