Saturday, December 11, 2010

Home-made Christmas

I thought making presents for everyone would be nice this year. I mean--I can sew, paint, crochet, frame pictures that I've taken, combine talents with friends. . . So why not? 

It's December 11th and I'm exhausted! I'm actually pleased. . . and exhausted. It feels amazing to make something--spend the time and and energy, iron each seam, choose each fabric and trim. . . all the while thinking about the recipient. In this case, mostly children will receive my handiwork, perhaps because I'm sure they won't notice the mistakes. The time and energy has been fulfilling--I feel so full when I make a gift as opposed to buying another Littlest Pet Shop toy at Target. 

Mind, I have purchased several Littlest Pet Shops. In fact, I think I am done with my crafting--I made 14 home-crafted gifts this season and while I am satisfied. . . I am done. 

It's December 11th . . . and I am ready to stop sewing and go shopping. 

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