Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Rainbow Birthday

As you know, my Meg turned 5 last week and we celebrated on Saturday with a girlie "Rainbow Party!" The best irony was that it rained in torrents all day long so everything that I planned had to be moved indoors (and tweaked slightly), but it was still so cute and really fun for the children! I shamelessly copied rainbow ideas from multiple blogs, websites and good friends, so while not completely original,  I did create the details myself and put the ideas together into a party that was our very own. Here are some pictures:
We loved the Meg Whitman campaign signs, so we used one to identify the "party house." Of course, it required an umbrella for protection!
I bought these plastic "car lot" flags ages ago and had planned to adorn our backyard with them. Since the party moved indoors, the flags came right along, quite nicely I think!
The star of the show--my sister made this six layer rainbow cake (did you see the layers in the first picture?). AMAZING!! And it was tasty, too!

I have to confess that I was going to order pizza. But when asked Meg if she wanted pizza for her birthday dinner, she said (and I  quote--and I swear it came out in one long sentence): "No mommy, I want my favorite.  Spaghetti and meatballs, tomato soup, mac-n-cheese, steak, watermelon, peas and that yummy bread that is crunchy. You can have salad, mommy." So that's what we had for dinner. 
Here are photos of just a few of our activities:

The girls all declared the best activity to be the Rainbow Colors Treasure Hunt. I may post the entire activity by itself, in a day or two. I wrote little rhymes and the girls had to figure out the location and color until they found all the colors of the rainbow, at the end of which they discovered a treasure box filled with goodies. It was super fun, but lasted all of six minutes!

These "to-go" boxes left over from our last party came in very handy. I packed up lots of leftover treats and sent them to our neighbors after the party. Meg thoroughly enjoyed the visits to each house, sharing her birthday treats and announcing her new age five status. 

Happy Rainbows! And my sweet Meg: Happy Fifth Birthday, baby.


  1. Traci,
    You always give so much thought to all of your entertaining gatherings, be it birthdays, family/friend gatherings or just your nightly family meal. I'm always impressed by your devotion to doing your best and once again, you've outdone yourself! Happy Birthday to adorable Meg...what a memorable party your parents pulled together! Celebrating her 5th from afar and thinking how we met on the streets of NYC 5 years ago. Super lovely party with fab details (and one amazing cake!)

  2. Hi - do you still have a copy of your Rainbow Treasure hunt! I would love to see it!