Friday, October 1, 2010

A little somethin'-somethin' to make you smile.

I've been visiting this blog every few weeks, usually late at night when everyone is sleeping and I'm not yet tired. . . and I start to poke around blog world for something interesting and inspiring. It is called The Unknown Hipster  and I adore this guy. He is a fictional character who "crashes" events and happenings around NYC, and he records everything in cartoon sketches. Some of which I could actually frame and hang on the wall (But I won't because that's not nice):
Given that I love NYC and miss it every day, I like to visit and see where my cartoon friend has been lately and what ruckus he has stirred up in his travels. I also love his style. 

"Born French, Unknown Hipster early moved to New York to become a painter, a poet, or whichever position was available on the Art scene. Once a lead tambourin for « Uneven dusk », it’s unclear what became his main occupation after the band quickly broke-up. All can be said is that Unknown frequently appears at Fashionable and Cultural events without being necessarily on the list."  (from

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