Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Adorable and Smart!

Last Friday we went to the Getty Museum in Los Angeles.  You know--since we're back in So CA for the first time in a month but we're still sort of in vacation mode (good times!). Anyway. . . so many great things to share about the Getty, but since I happen to be the mother of a 4 year old girl (and didn't make it to most of the "adult" exhibits), this is what I'm posting!

I took a picture of this amazing French bed from 1775 (without a flash and didn't frame it well--there was a security guard eyeing me!) just because it's beautiful and Meg liked it, too. She has a blue bedroom and bed and pointed out the similarity (haha).
And then we wandered into the Children's room a few hours later to find a mini replica on which the kids could play! 
Meg loved climbing up and feeling like a princess and reading a few of the books put out there. What a treat for kids to get to touch and experience the fantasy--I would like to say thank you to the person who thought to put this little morsel in the Children's room at the Getty. My daughter adored it and I smiled huge smiles with her. 

And then I bathed her in a bottle of antibacterial cleanser and prayed there weren't any lice in there. 


  1. I love the Getty! The last time I was there was 10 years ago...thanks for conjuring up great memories and for sharing yours!

  2. WOW! That bed is Grant and looks so luxe..fit for a princess indeed!well done!Great Shots and Blog.Thanks For Posting.