Thursday, March 10, 2011

I'm Still Here

My last post was on December 12! And here it's March. Sigh . . . okay, but I think my preoccupation is pretty legit. In the last few months I have been spending very much energy developing and redesigning my photography blog, website and plan for business! I think I am finally ready to push myself into that wide and scary world of--wait for it. . . . self-employment. Discipline. Financing. Client Management. Marketing. For me this is a huge and frightening step! Anyway, Muse Margaret is a blog about inspiration. My inspiration: I have enlisted the help of Shari (see her blog here ) who creates gorgeous, unique and fresh blog designs. She redesigned HamtonToes several months ago for my dear friend (and cheerleader), Lisa. So when I decided it was time to clean up my public persona, I enlisted her help.

May I just say what an amazing feeling it has been to see my work combined and transformed into the design that Shari has come up with for my photography blog! I have been so inspired by what she has been able to do with my very own work. I sent her several dozen images to chose from and anxiously waited to see what she would choose. It felt like being naked.

 It's funny how you can stare at yourself for years and not see the very thing that needs to change to create improvement. Then some fabulous stylist or something come along and says how great you'd look with a new haircut. And you do it. And it's amazing. Someone who never even saw you before made you feel new.

Shari has taken my work and made me see it afresh again. She sends me samples and I get goose pimples--how amazing my photographs look in this or that arrangement or design! I'm excited again about photography and about going out on that limb, because I can see new beauty and I can feel new confidence building and I know that this beautiful blog will be backing me up!

I'll let you know when it's ready and I can't wait to share it. And hey, let me know if you're getting married because you know what? I'm a photographer. And I'm actually pretty good at it and I might just cut you a good deal. :)

Thank you Shari, for not only designing a gorgeous new deign for my blog, but for infusing me with new confidence to go out and chase my dream.

P.S. : Contact her. She is wonderful.